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  • Romans 14:11
    “It is written: “‘As surely as I live,’ says the Lord, ‘every knee will bow before me; every tongue will acknowledge God.’””

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  • A Brazilian Influx
    Immigrant arrivals force isolated Massachusetts church to seek an expansion solution.
  • Pray for Sri Lanka in Bombing Aftermath
    Hundreds were killed and hundreds more wounded while attending Easter services in Sri Lanka — an AG leader in Sri Lanka requests worldwide prayer.
  • Men's Ministries Offers Free Daily Devotional
    Every day, a new devotional message from Men's Ministries is available online or to be sent by email.
  • Acts of God
    18 months on, South Texas is still rebuilding from Hurricane Harvey.
  • The Final Week of Jesus -- Resurrection
    Jesus' resurrection surprised and confused even His closest friends, but Amy Flattery, the director of the Center for Holy Lands Studies, shares how Jesus became the perfect example for living a resurrected life.
  • The Final Week of Jesus -- Day 7
    Center for Holy Lands Studies Director Amy Flattery shares insight into the courage displayed by those who cared for Jesus' crucified body and how Jesus' death led to the equipping of the disciples for God's service through the Holy Spirit.
  • The Final Week of Jesus -- Day 6
    When Christ called out "My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?" it was not because He was experiencing God's rejection, instead Jeremy Stein, the content and development coordinator for the Center for Holy Lands Studies, explains that the full meaning behind those words requires understanding the culture of the day.
  • What's Good About Good Friday?
    Why do Christians celebrate the day Christ died, even calling it, 'good?'
  • Optimism in the Midst of Addiction
    After a dozen years of drug and alcohol abuse, Eddie Pinter found strength at his lowest point.
  • This Week in AG History -- April 18, 1925
    Working with the outcasts of society, 62-year-old Mary Chapman became the first Assembly of God missionary in South India.